Sunday, August 20, 2017

As August hustles along...

As I walked along the path in the wood-lot early this morning, I could hear Charlotte the donkey braying at Lucy's farm. It always makes me laugh to hear her because I know she is calling Lucy for her breakfast. It also reminded me that I need to drop over there for the farm fresh eggs from her very dependable 'ladies'. I think I'll get four dozen as I have some visiting to do and who doesn't like farm fresh eggs as a little gift.

The sunflowers are still amazing and we have five cobs of corn on our corn stalks today. 
The peaches that we buy at the market are at their best.

I know mama wren is still on her nest but surely those birds must be hatched by now. You can't get near her and I hate to scare her by looking in the house so I just leave her be. I doubt I will see hide nor hair of those babies.
Oh well, at least she had a nice home and repays me with her melodic song. :)

We've been waiting on our builders to finish up a job in the city to start on our house. With all the rain this summer the build before ours took longer but they are finally done. They'll be out tomorrow to do some measurements and our order for supplies arrives Tuesday.

August is flying by and the days are filled with activity. Birthday celebrations, grandittle visits, tweaking and finishing up the new kitchen design, gardening through a cloud of mosquitoes (someone remind me next spring what I went through this summer) and tidying up the grounds for the on-coming Fall has kept me busy.
My potted plants are done now so pots are being emptied and washed for the shelf. Some of the plants are still looking lovely, though.
As much as I hate to see summer go, I am an Autumn lover.
I hope you all had a good weekend.

hugs, Deb

Monday, August 14, 2017

Plugging through August.


I found two mugs to add to my cluttered country cottage china cupboard. 
Only $5.00 each.
You might notice the produce plate is a little less full right now.
I delivered a basket of garden goodies to a neighbour this week as she was so kind to give me a basket full of spring bulbs in April.
I tried today to pick away at the garden but the mosquitoes
of me.
I have to tell you, if I had known what this summer was going to be like with all the rain and those nasty, pesky bugs I would have never bothered with a vegetable garden. They have taken all the fun out of having one.
I pick for two minutes and then have to come inside.
Only if I plop a net hat on my head can I last and they are miserably hot to wear. 
It's been a bad summer.

 But look what does love the rain/sun/rain/sun days.
 Never have they been so beautiful.
And our corn is eight feet high.
 We found another piece of what must have been part of a machine of some sort used by my ancestors to work this land many years ago.
 Just an old rusted piece of metal that would mean nothing to someone else but is of interest to me.
I hung it on the old OH next to Riley's shoe ( my grandmother's work horse many years ago).
Now when I walk by, just seeing it there makes me wonder what it was like here when the land was being worked and the old clap-board house was being built. 
Just what did that old piece of metal belong to. 

Oh, if only for one moment I could go back in time.

 Our funny tilted OH

 I've been busy with family issues, cat-sitting and house-plans.
One of my fabulous feline charges is 
grand-kitty Cooper.
He and I had a lot to talk about
managed to solve the world's problems today.
 Cooper love
The air is changing and Fall is not far off.
But, that's ok. Autumn is my favorite season and the fifty or so maple trees that surround the mouse-house will be showing off their multitude of colours.
They are a spectacular sight to see.
we have a week of sun ahead and I am thankful for that. 
And so is this beautiful sun-puddle worshipper extraordinaire.
Hope you are enjoying August.

hugs, deb

Friday, August 11, 2017

Catching up...

It's been a busy week of cats, cats, and more cats. I have met many new kitty-clients and their owners in my area which makes this cat-sitter very happy. I have cared for four fabulous felines; two shy ones and two that tripped over their own paws to greet me at the door. =^..^=
I wasn't sure I could provide the in-home cat care service here as there were other pet-sitting services already established for years but I think because I specialize in 'cats only' many people feel that I have a greater interest in cats and understand the feline mind a little more than the average dog/cat sitter. And I think I do. :)
Well, as much as that is possible. :)

I don't have photos because I like to get to know them a bit before photographing them (with permission) but you will enjoy their lovely names...
Sassy-pansy, Bella, Lexus & Minou. All sweet names. 

Our own two ladies have enjoyed a quiet week at home as the foundation is complete and the last of the trucks left Tuesday morning. 

It's a busy day today. Helping out our daughter with the grands, car shopping and cat-sitting is in order for the morning. It's a beautiful day here, sunny and a bit breezy. Perfect.

The house-building will start soon.

The garden is over-flowing. Time to get picking.

Have a great weekend, everyone.

hugs, Deb

Monday, August 7, 2017

First week of August whizzed right by.

The week has flown by like a blue-jay on a mission.
Oh, yes.
We've had grands visiting, a foundation to finish, a birthday to celebrate, a bit of cat-sitting and a big black grand-dog who howled to come for a sleep-over. We just took him home today. xo

My garden is keeping me busy. Everything is producing now although the tomatoes remain green. I have tons of zucs and cucs; yellow beans and kale but the peppers are just now growing well .
The sun-flowers are at their very best and huge this summer. This one's bigger than my big head.

How is this for a corn stalk. haha! We just threw a few kernels in the ground to see if they would grow. And they did. I'm 5' 5".

I've been saving a few wildflowers from the wheels of roaring trucks here.
I love the Queen Ann's lace and these daisy-like beauties. I will have to find out what they are called.
They look like a Black-eyed Susan with a lighter-coloured center.

Audrey...with her nose in everything.
 I never leave them out long because Annie likes to chew on flowers and I don't know if these are poisonous.
They most-likely are.

The ground is really getting dug up with all the machinery. We'll have a lot of landscaping to do when this building project is over.
The wrap is on the foundation and the dirt is back in the hole with a little left over.  Well, maybe a lot. :(
But we do have plans for it.
We'll be renting a bob-cat to move it around.

I have to tell you...we are tired.
Getting the foundation in for house-building is not for the weak. Keeping up with the gardens when we are inundated with mosquitoes the size of gum-drops, all this rain we've had and joining in with all the family shenanigans that every summer brings
has left us pooped.

Cats always have the right idea.

Sometimes I wish I had a Blackberries box to fall into.
 The house will soon be starting.
Time to take a breath and then
onwards and upwards.

Hope the summer is treating everyone well.
hugs, Deb

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

August snuck in like a cat today.

                                                            "Oh dear."
This summer is moving along at rapid speed.
This is the time of year when the gardens are at their best and the little veggie plots are producing like mad. Even after such a wet season we are being fed well. 
We had some very cute pickers out here last weekend.
 Our grandittles Riley, Brad and little Tenley.
Brad came upon a zuc that obviously got away on me but boy was he proud of it.
He figured his find should win a prize.
 on nana's swing
These three munchkins belong to my son and his wife, Brittany.
Riley is our little nature lover. 
Soon after this photo was taken she grabbed my binoculars and headed off to see what birds were hanging about and find that silly Simon. :)
And maybe give St. Francis a fairy hat.

Here's a bit of a throw-back...
A photo taken thirty years ago of a mom teaching her son how to properly pet a timid little barn cat.
Now that boy and girl, my oldest and middle child and both married with children, have two beautiful cats of their own and love them dearly.

Have a wonderful day as you welcome in this glorious month. 

                     Someone is already on her morning nap.

hugs, Deb

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Step one...done.

 It's been a long week but we are at the finish line... for now.
 Tomorrow they wrap the water-proof membrane around the foundation.
Then the dirt is pushed back in around it.
There will be some left over, of course, and we will use that for landscaping at the back.
I have plans. :)

 Monday the inspection is done on the job and then we are done with the foundation.
It's been noisy
I think 'the ladies',
mama wren
and Simon 
have had enough.
I know I have.
The sound of hammers pounding should be a breeze after yesterday.
Hope you stick around for the fun part. :)

We have a new/old toy here.
It's a Franklin stove possibly one hundred years old
and it's going to help us clean up around the mouse house of broken branches and twigs.
And I love the smell of a wood-fire.
Those are sumac trees behind.

The wild flower at the moment is Queen Anne Lace.  We have it all along the property and it is so delicate and pretty.It's also known as Wild Carrot.

                  (if you don't spay your cat you will end up with hair like this lady)

Enjoy your evening.
hugs, Deb

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Back to business.

The stones were flying this morning and Audrey ran for cover.
Once she has transformed into an Audrey-wrap she calms down and eventually will disappear in there entirely.

Windows were closed but it's too cool this morning for the A/C so I just put the radio on and acted like all was right with the world.

Annie sat at the window with air-plane ears most of the morning. I needed to open the window for a moment and she sat through the noise not seeming to be bothered by it at all. I think she is used to the constant roar around here.
It was good to get back to business as Friday and Monday were a no-show with rain. 
After the stone work was done, the forms were delivered and set into the hole by a crane for the workers to continue with tomorrow. We are getting close to the end as far as the foundation is concerned.

I sat for a bit on the bench near where Simon's den is located. It's a good spot to grab a few photos without being in the way. A baby red squirrel appeared at the feeders, not at all bothered by the trucks and the noise, and sat on a maple tree branch for awhile. He, and I'm going to say 'he' because his interest in the construction was much like my little grandson's, sat intrigued with the movement, the crane and the many men yelling and wandering around. Without an ounce of exaggeration, he hung around for a good hour, eyes never wandering from the construction. I popped a few apple pieces in the feeder before going in and that got his attention. :) I hope this little guy hangs around. He is too cute for words.


Hope your week is going well.

hugs, Deb

Monday, July 24, 2017

Around and about the mouse-house.

What a perfect weekend weather-wise it has been. The gardens needed watering by Sunday as the sun had been shining with no sign of rain. Perfect temperatures for being outside.

I made my first salad for dinner last night and all but the peppers were from the garden. It was delicious.

And as I was filling feeders and bird-baths for our resident birds I was joined by this guy... 
                                                              Our neighbour cat,  David.

David loves to help out with chores around here and only asks for a tummy rub or two. And you know how we adore him. But, once I have to head indoors David is escorted back to the old stone-wall and kissed good-bye. "Home you go, David before you get into trouble".  Tail he goes.
He is a cat. after-all. 

Family dropped by to have a visit, see how the construction is going and fill a bag with zucchini, cukes, kale and yellow beans. Lucky for us, my sister is a baker extraordinaire and brought along a blueberry lemon cake for coffee time.

It was a very peaceful few days; even the cats and Simon appreciated the quiet.

"Dang...these peanuts are good."

Today that all changes if the rain ever stops.  

Enjoy your day.
hugs, Deb