Thursday, March 15, 2018

SNOW - add it to the four letter words around here.

Annie thinks..."UGH! more snow."

We've had more than our share this winter. It just keeps coming.

Oh well, we just shovel it and go have a party.
These two sweeties celebrated birthdays on the weekend.
Our son, John (34) and grandittle G (2).
We all had a great time.

Two cuties.

There is no way to make plumbing look pretty but I think it's beautiful. :)
This is the loft bathroom at the top of the stairs.

I'll get in tomorrow and take a few pics on the main floor.

The snow has kept the roofers away until this week.
We finally have the steel going on. :)
That's the kitchen window to the right. It will face the garden. Bathroom windows both main floor and loft.

We had another dumping of snow on day two of the roof going on so this ended up taking over a week to finish. My photo taking is sporadic to say the least but I'll show you a photo of it completed from the front next post.

Are you having fun preparing for Easter? We need lots of sun to melt away our winter. I think the Easter Bunny would much rather hide eggs in the grass than in the snow.
 Four more days 'til spring. :)

Audrey says "Howdy."
She's just waiting for a moth to fly in. Doofus.

'Til next time...
hugs, Deb

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Bye, bye February.

Annie xo
Audrey xo 
she is doing so well
almost two months with no seizures. :)))
We had her levels checked today and will see 
if we can bring down the amount of drug daily.

I think she is saying "thank you" for the sun-puddle today.

Wow...that has been some winter we have had; almost five months of snow and ice. Lots of ice. But this week we have been having some amazing spring-like weather here in Ontario. It's been well above seasonal temperatures and lots of glorious sun. And best of all the snow is melting away.

And there has been much activity around our feeders this week. Spring is certainly in the air.

Our resident chickadees are happy, healthy and full of beans these mornings. It is common now to have them fly right over and land on my hand for a quick taste of what's to come in their bird feeders. Some are still shy but some are very bold. :)
 I will never get tired of this. It is always such a thrill to feel them land on my hand. :) Those teeny little feet.
Aren't they so beautiful.

And if anyone is a violet lover, well, just look at these beauties.

Three out of my six plants are bursting with blooms. The others will soon catch up. Another sign of spring. 

And a sign that made me smile today...Simon and friends were out and about at the old pump. I expect to see them at the feeders tomorrow if this weather continues.

Hope you are seeing signs of spring, too.

hugs, Deb

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Checking in to say hi.

I hope everyone is well and looking forward to spring. Living in Ontario, Canada means another 4 weeks to go but I am counting the days. 
It's certainly not a pretty time of year at the mouse-house. We've had many snow storms and now it's melting and dead grass showing through. The drive-way is a skating rink still as we wait for the much needed sunshine. Today it is once again dark, wet and dreary.

Bunnies and little red squirrels are showing up at my messy feeders daily. My chickadees are very tame now and some will even feed from my hand. It never ceases to be a thrill to feel those wee feet on your hand. :))) I LOVE IT!
                    (taken last week on a very rare sunny day)

Valentines Day has come and gone again. 
We had breakfast out and looked after two of our five grandittles so my daughter and hubby could have an evening out; a needed break for them and lots of fun for us.

I'm on hawk alert again as one has been hanging around the property.  As you know, I tuck the feeders in close to the trunk of the trees so as to give the birds a bit more protection.  I also chase it off if I am out and around at the time it shows up. I do what I can.

                                          =^..^= =^..^=

Audrey and Annie are doing well. Each day is like a gift to see Audrey seizure-free and adjusting a little better to her medication. She has been enjoying time at the new house when I am there to watch her and having her fits of madness running up and down the stairs. Her and Annie make good use of the pellet stove. She is eating well, seems content and only wakes me occasionally in the night.
We have been noticing squirrels climbing the board and batten on the mouse house trying to find a way in, I suppose. 
Someone has been watching guard ever since.  Man, she would love to take care of this business. lol

A few new updates have been done on the house but nothing that is worth photographing. Electrical and plumbing jobs do not make a pretty picture. We still have soooo much to do. 

On a country drive last weekend, I found a little treasure to add to the house when the time comes. This planter will hang at the entrance to the breeze-way filled with beautiful summer flowers. 
How do you like my sunflower hat. haha!

Well, I have to now grab a tea and start to visit you. I have missed checking on my favorite blogs and find I only have time to publish a photo or two each day on instagram. If you have an IG site please let me know.

Hope you are enjoying the warmer temps of the last few days. 
Spring is in the air.

hugs, Deb

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Welcoming February

We can say "good-bye" to the coldest month of the year. Finally.
Even though there is months of work to do on the new house I like to take the ladies over most days to run around the basement for exercise and a little stimulation. It's nothing pretty, as it is an unfinished basement, but in one corner sits a pellet stove blazing away making it toasty warm and they like to sit on chairs and watch the fire.  Annie would remember our fireplace in the old house that we moved from in 2014. She spent most of her time five feet from it. I know she missed it terribly as she would sit each evening as close as possible to a floor heater in the mouse-house. It just wasn't the same for this heat-lovin' feline. Now she has her pellet stove.

 Audrey is doing better and adjusting to her medication. Today she had a right 'ol play-fest with her favorite bouncy ball; rolling on the carpet and batting it about. It was wonderful to see her feeling well enough to play. She is eating well and walking fine again.

 I'm happy to report that this cat actually likes being hugged now. At one time she would wiggle away but now she just leans in and purrs. :)
We love her so much and we have felt your prayers. Thank you.

At the feeders...

February has arrived and our resident birds are still here to add beauty to another cold and unpredictable month.
I wish I could hug her.

I continue to keep them all fed along with those down the road that would normally eat at our neighbour's feeders. They are traveling presently so the birds have found our drive-thru and they are all welcome.

It's snowing again but the days are longer and the sun is warmer.
I'd like to think seven weeks 'til spring but we all know it will arrive when it's good and ready.
But I am done with winter so I will just impatiently wait.

Another week almost gone.
Enjoy your weekend everyone.


hugs, Deb

Monday, January 29, 2018

Valentine boxes

I'm sending you over to my friend, Jeanie's blog today.
She's a wonderful artist and always comes up with fun do-it-yourself projects. I love her Valentine boxes and wanted to share her post today.

Annie & Audrey say "howdy" xoxo

Friday, January 26, 2018

Slipping and sliding through the week

It seems quite acceptable to walk like penguins these days. The ground is covered with ice and, like I have heard over and over,...if you don't want to break a bone then don't fall. :-b

I have been chipping ice off the feeders this week in hopes to keep our birds well fed as the temperature drops lower once again. I am looking forward to spring and I don't care how many people tell me to not wish my life away.

There are six downy woodpeckers that make our property their home. If this winter ever ends, I am thinking just maybe we will have some nesting here in the spring. :-) 

Around our feeders lately...

It has felt a bit like 'walking on ice' when it comes to our cat, Audrey's, health, too. Audrey wants to say "howdy" and thank each and every one of you for your good thoughts and prayers for her. She is struggling, I'll not sugar-coat it, but she is coping quite well with her new medication. Phenobarbital takes weeks to get used to and there are some side-effects so I am staying close and not leaving her alone. She gets anxious sometimes and will pace the floor so if I go out she comes with me. Thankfully she is good in the car. There have been no seizures for seventeen days and my prayer is that she never has another one. We are taking it day to day. She will visit her vet soon to see if we need to adjust the levels of her meds. I hope you will continue to keep her in your prayers and thank you to all who have contacted us with your good thoughts and wishes for her complete recovery. This is her resting this morning.

Annie slept most of the day away. The mouse house was flooded with sunshine this morning; something we have needed for awhile. :)

There are copious amounts of work yet to do in the new house. 
Our stairs have made it possible for me to finally visit what will be our loft. I love the view from the windows and look forward to seeing the gardens this summer.
There are a few more doors being hung today. 
Wouldn't it be nice to just wiggle your nose and have it all done. :)

Wishing everyone a fun weekend however you spend it.

hugs, Deb

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Checking in...

I hope everyone is well.
Our weather has finally warmed up enough that we are able to go for walks and dress like adults; not a child heading out in a storm. That deep freeze we were in for so long took a toll on all of us. Many had flu, colds or just the dreaded cabin fever. But it's behind us for now.

Since my last post Audrey's health has declined. We have been back to the vet and to see a specialist (a neurologist) to try to get to the bottom of these seizures that she is having. She was two months with nothing and then suffered another one a week ago. So far the tests have shown nothing. She has been put on phenobarbital for now to control and prevent another seizure.  We are going through an adjustment period to the medication. It's all a bit bewildering.
We may be looking at epilepsy which means she will have to be on medication for the rest of her life.
She is presently eating well, using her box, washing up and today I took her over to the house to walk around the basement and she jumped up on her cat tree and scratched on the post. That did my heart good. I'm looking for any normal activity and keeping a journal on her daily. But the medication causes drowsiness. :( Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

I promise I'll get back soon with some pretty pictures and hopefully a cheerier post.
Right now I just need to take a deep breath and carry on helping Audrey get herself stabilized on the medication. I hope this won't take long and that it is the answer we are praying for.

I have been posting a few pics on instagram from the bird feeders and outings with the grands but since Audrey's last seizure I have not left her side. We did take her in the car today and thank goodness she doesn't mind that at all; rather enjoys it. :) Tomorrow they predict sun puddles. :)
 =^..^= =^..^=

Sending a hug,